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Green grass in 2016, but what will 2017 hold?

Doesn’t time fly! This was meant to be a blog about how things were going after 6 months, but instead due to client commitments and a busy motor racing season, I haven’t had the time to write it until now. Oh well, so it’ll just have to be a blog about how things are going after nine months. Happy with that?

So how is it all going then? Well, pretty good overall I’d say, I’ve actually surprised myself at how well things have gone up until now, having been kept busy with a 5 day/week schedule and sometimes the odd weekend too! I’ve also had to turn down work as well, simply because I haven’t had the capacity available to take it on due to being fully booked. I actually hate turning down work, as I’m well aware that if you keep saying no or you’re not available, people soon automatically assume that to be the case and look elsewhere. Whilst it’s all been great so far, I’m not blind to the fact that the day will come when I have no bookings, and that day could come any time.

Since the last update was posted, I’ve been working on some analysis projects for some major alcohol brands, again through Nielsen, but a different department to the last. I’ve presented for the Carling brand at their headquarters and have another one coming up at Brown Forman Bacardi brands in the next month to report back on their Christmas sales and in-store execution of promotions as well as that of their competitors. In between that there have also been some other analysis project on other spirits brands.

What I learned from this is how one job can lead to another, provided of course you do a good job. I’ve ended up taking lots of new and interesting bits of work which have followed on from the last. Had I not been consulting previously for Nielsen the current team I’m working for would never have heard of me and I wouldn’t have got the work I’ve been doing for them for the last 6 months.

Many people have also made contact with me for some advice on how to start their own consultancy business or go it alone. I feel quite humbled about this but at the same time I’m very conscious that I’m still new as far as operating a consultancy business goes. I’ve just been going with the flow, doing something that I enjoy and perhaps that’s the best advice I can anyone – do what you enjoy. If you enjoy what you do, then everything is so much easier, you’re more motivated and things just fall into place better. Don’t do a job you don’t enjoy.

The uncertainty of work that I spoke about in my previous blog never really goes away, but that said you do become more accustomed to it and able to deal with it better. In many ways I think that’s actually a good thing, depending on what type of person you are. In my case, it motivates me to be more proactive and go out and look for work, which is something I believe any successful business owner needs to have.

So what next for the future? Well as it stands right now, I have availability from April this year and I’m just starting the ball rolling looking for the next contract. If you’re reading this and think your business might need some support then why not get in contact for a chat? You can also head over to the Contact page and fill in your details to be added to the newsletter and availability list meaning that you’ll be the first to know when I have availability.

That’s it from me for this blog. Have a great 2017 everyone!

Philip Law
The Winning Formulae Ltd

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