Product Marketing. This means different things to different people and organisations. Here’s what it means to me and how I can help.

For me, this is taking a product from an idea stage, to something on shelf or in-store. Or in the case of a service, taking the the initial idea and making it happen.

I’ve launched products and services from inception/idea stage to in-store across national retailers for a specific deadline day. This involves researching the market place, finding suppliers who can produce or supply parts and components, design, packaging, logistics, and acting as a buyer to acquire their services. Often these suppliers are located overseas and sometimes there are multiple suppliers in different countries, each of whom are critical to the success and launch – their cog needs to turn at the right pace to make the machine run. Every product has a budget to adhere to and must be profitable too, so costs have to constantly monitored as well as timescales. While all this is going on, the product also needs a good communications strategy in place both before and after launch in order to support it, and someone to execute it too. 

Managing all of this at the same time can be challenging, but I really enjoy this element of marketing, perhaps more than any other. I’ve had terrific results and have real world examples to prove it.


Component Sourcing

I can take a product from the initial idea to the end by sourcing suppliers and components worldwide that come together for your product or service.


Your product needs to look good and stand-out on shelf, online or wherever it is being sold. Don't worry, I can manage that for you.


I can manage the logistics of packaging, POS, comms and design from a multitude of different suppliers, so your product is ready in store nationwide by a deadline.

Launch Comms

Your product won't sell unless people know about it, know where to obtain it and clearly understand the benefits of it or the problem it solves. I can create and run comms before and after launch.

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