Marketing Insights & Analytics help you make better sales and marketing decisions through the use of data. If your organisation uses any of the brands shown on this page, I can help.

In a nutshell, it’s about extracting the data and understanding what your customers are doing. What are they buying and why? Who are they? How often do they buy? What else do they buy? What do they want and what are they looking for? How much are they looking to spend?

These are just some of the common questions that I can help answer for organisations. I’m a former employee of Nielsen, and since becoming a Freelance Marketing Consultant, my former employer, Nielsen, have even become one of my clients. I’m used to reporting and presenting insights and analysis across multiple data sources, often in the same report or presentation to provide a truly integrated solution.

I’m very familiar with the data sources and metrics of most FMCG Market Research agencies. I’m used to building reports and presentations that help tell a story about what the data is showing and presenting this back to all types of audiences, ranging from Brand & Shopper marketing teams, Category Managers, National Account Managers and board level Directors.

Many of my presentations have also been used by Category and National Account Managers to argue for additional listings, more distribution and NPD launches as well as additional promotional activity. I also use this data to evaluate marketing campaigns such as brand sponsorship of events to help you understand your ROI, and how you can improve next time!

NPD or Listing Arguments

Data is critical when it comes to NPD and listings. You need to understand the market and potential ROI before you develop anything from scratch. Even for a new listing in a new retailer, data is critical. If you are arguing for space in an already crowded store, you need to demonstrate how your product will do better than what it replaces. I can pull out those arguments for you.

Understand your customers

Who are you customers, or your new potential customers? What else do they buy? Do they also buy your competition? Where do they shop? What are they prepared to spend? These are some of the common questions that I can help answer using Marketing Insight and Analytics.

Beat the competition

Whether you're the market leader, or bottom of the pile, you can always learn from the competition by studying what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Once you know what works and what doesn't, you're ready to beat the competition. I can benchmark your performance against the competition and tell you what you need to do next.

Campaign Evaluation

Get more bang for your buck with your next campaign. Business often overlook evaluating their marketing, but that's serious false economy! Before you renew your brand sponsorship, outdoor billboard activity or pay for another end-gondola promotion, make sure you evaluate your last campaign. I can help you understand what worked, what didn't and recommend improvements.

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