As a brand marketer, you want to make sure your brand has awareness and an affinity with your target audience. You’ll be concerned with your brand’s perception and what people are saying and thinking about it. You’ll work hard to make sure your brand is built and continues to grow with the right audience and customer base.

Then along comes a grocer or national retailer, and instead of wanting you to build your brand, they want you to help them build theirs. Sound familiar?

Thankfully, I’ve done both. Building your own brand is always the best option, of course, for if that national retailer were to ever leave you, their customers may seek you out elsewhere, or even directly, enabling you to keep some of that lost business.  But let’s face it, in business, bottom line profit will always influence what you have to do, so if someone comes along with big a fat pay cheque to produce an own label product, should you turn it down and more importantly, will you turn it down? My experience in marketing so far says you won’t, because your company needs and wants that cheque.

So, whether you need to build and maintain your own brand, or produce an own label product or range for a retailer or customer, I can help. If you’d like more details, please take a look at my CV to find out what I’ve done. Just scroll down on this page to the box that says ‘Ready to find out more about me?’ On my CV you’ll find details of company re-branding projects as well as both brand roles and own label management for national retailers.


Rebranding is a bigger job than you think. It's not just about a logo change. For a start, your customers need to know so it requires good comms. Your staff also need to understand and adhere to the brand, not just in print, but in voice and in actions too. Branding is more than a logo, it's what your business stands for.

Brand creation

Sometimes you have to start from scratch. Perhaps there's a gap or a niche in the market but you don't want to risk damage or change the perception of an existing brand. For that reason, you might need to create a brand from scratch. Fiat or Alfa Romeo? Same company, different brands. The reason is obvious.

Own Label

No-one likes doing own label do they? But sometimes you have to. That could be to help secure an additional branded listing with a national retailer, or even just because it works out financially.
I've managed own label across national retailers and also within FMCG.

Brand Guidelines

Typically this is something larger companies need who are not able to control and police huge numbers of staff in proper use of the brand. It contains logos, tone of voice, fonts, size, colours, design, do's and don't's. Think of it like an instruction manual for your brand. I can help you create one from scratch or with your current brand.

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