Digital Marketing. This is a hot topic on every organisations’ agenda, and with good reason too. The digital age means there are more channels and more opportunities to reach your target audience at home than ever before – and day by day it’s increasing. Let’s face it, for most organisations, digital marketing is expensive, but it’s actually getting cheaper all the time. Increased competition means all those channels have to continuously up their game and ensure they are price competitive and deliver real results and ROI for you – and they do!

Before you invest in any form of digital marketing you need to be clear on who your target audience is, how they consume their media, the type of media they consume, where and when.

I have real world experience of Google Ads PPC, Facebook & LinkedIn advertising as well as SEO. I can help you create a lead generation funnel through social media advertising, analyse the results with the help of Google Analytics, and also provide you with a detailed report on your site’s SEO as well as the steps you need to take to improve it.

I also build, run and maintain websites on WordPress (like this one you’re reading now!), Wix, GoDaddy and 123 Website Builder.

From an email marketing perspective I can build and run campaigns through Mailchimp and Dotmailer.

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It's a genuine offer with no commitment. The report will analyse your website for areas of improvement. To get started, I need your website address and email address to send the report to. That's it! Simple.


I can manage website projects on your behalf, including the supply of hosting, domains and email addresses. For smaller businesses I also create and maintain websites on the following platforms: Wix, 123-Reg, GoDaddy and WordPress.


I can provide you with a detailed SEO report and benchmark you against your competition, in fact I provide the report FREE! I can handle quick fix amends personally, or if you prefer a longer term solution I have partnered with a dedicated SEO agency local to me.

Social Media

I can manage and create scheduled posts across all social media platforms. I also have experience of paid Facebook Advertising and lead generation funnels. I can also help you understand and install a Facebook pixel and interpret the data from it for you.

PPC and Analytics

Don't pay for Google or Bing Ads unless your'e certain you know what you're doing and how to properly integrate it with Google Analytics to understand your website visitors. I can manage both Google Ads and Google Analytics for you.

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